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The Sunny home for Entrepreneurs & Nomads

We offer a seamless service to start, incorporate and run a business in an easy and affordable way. In addition we help people to apply for residency in Malta, or relocate for EU and non-EU citizens to a welcoming and tax-friendly EU country.

Visa, Immigration and Tax as a Service for Entrepreneurs and Startups who are based from Malta in the EU.
Startup Visa Malta
We are your partner in the process for applying and acquiring a Malta Startup Visa. Based on the island of Malta, we are vibrant team of immigration lawyers and accountants.
Digital Nomad Visa Malta
We are your partner in the process for applying and acquiring a Malta Digital Nomad Visa.

Welcome to Malta!

Island Life

Sun, Sand & Surfing in the Mediterranean.


28th in the world for internet speed.

Free Healthcare

For residents, healthcare is free and world class.

International Airport

Malta's airport is strategically located.

The launch of the Malta Startup Visa for Entrepreneurs

We’re happy to announce that Malta is amongst the first European countries to launch the Malta Startup Visa. This is intended to service entrepreneurs who wish to live in Malta and legally establish an EU wide Startup. Malta is seeking to attract high impact, high growth and innovative businesses. The ideal candidates should have a successful track record, a business plan or proven success in a third country. 


The Malta Startup visa will provide you with a permanent EU residency and a home base on the Sunny Island of Malta in the heart of the Mediterranean. 



Go from rural Gozo to bustling St Julian's. Home to music festivals and yoga retreats.

Expat Community

22% of the population is an immigrant.

Food & Drink

Italian influences in the language, culture and cuisine.

Culture & History

With 80 village feasts, the whole island lights up with communtiy vibes.

Malta is an Entrepreneurs Paradise the Startup Visa just makes it easy.

Malta is an island that is surrounded by azure blue Mediterranean sea and boasts 300 days of sunshine per year. It’s healthcare system is free for permanent residents and one of the best in the EU. The University is ranked 600th in the world with over 11,500 students, around 1,000 of whom are international students from over 92 countries. Malta is extremely expat friendly with 98,000 expats and a local population of 470,500. That means approx 1 in every 4.5 people is an immigrant! 

Startup Visa

For Startup teams and Entrepreneurs

Nomad Visa

For Digital Nomads